Cuanimen Social Impact Fund, FCR PYME is a Venture Capital fund focused on companies that create strong social, environmental, and technological impact as well as FinTech companies positioned to transform the financial sector. The Fund’s size is €40 million.

The fund is focused on investing in social enterprises that demonstrate significant potential to spark social and environmental change, together with stable and sustainable profitability. The fund also searches for exceptional founders and technology companies, with a special focus on FinTech innovations that aim to disrupt the traditional financial sector by significantly improving the market through technological development, efficiency, cost reduction, universal usage and transparency.


Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Change

Cuanimen wishes to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth. We also wish to accompany innovative companies in the development of applications to improve the banking sector.  Consequently, the fund aims to influence certain key sectors of Spain’s social ecosystem:

Social Inclusion

Companies that employ undermined sectors of the population, or that offer products and services that can improve the quality of life of these collectives.


Innovative companies that aim to disrupt and improve the traditional financial sector.


Companies that improve the effectiveness and inclusiveness of our education sector, improving school performance, developing methods por special needs students or making quality education accessible to underprivileged sectors of society.


Companies that allow consumers to eat more healthily, including those that improve the methods of food production.


Companies that generate a positive impact in the development of local and sustainable agriculture.


Companies that promote reutilization of resources and recycling, clean energy sources, or reduction of pollution and waste.


The Team

The Cuanimen team is convinced that by promoting the growth of innovative social and environmental business models we will contribute to modernize our economy and to generate large scale positive impact.

Our team is formed by a unique combination of professionals within the FinTech, Private Equity / Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship sectors, with a successful investment track record in the last decade.

Ramiro Martinez Pardo
Ramiro Martínez Pardo
Director of FinTech Investments

Has significant international experience in financial services, management consulting and consumer goods multinationals. He has also founded and led several FinTech projects.

Rodrigo Aguirre de Carcer
Rodrigo Aguirre de Cárcer

Director of Social Impact and Civic Engagement

Has experience in finance and strategy consulting, multinational top-level leadership, social entrepreneurship and impact investing that is unique in Spain.

Tatiana Ayala
Tatiana Ayala
Digital Media Manager- Social Impact and Fintech

Has experience in international business, international social development and social inclusion, as well as public relations and public policy, having worked both in the private and public sectors.


Beka Finance

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The Market

The Spanish market is ideal for a fund like Cuanimen, given Spain’s exponential growth in social impact and FinTech projects in recent years. Cuanimen holds an exceptional position within this country to take advantage of the market opportunity, following the management team’s launch of one of the first registered and established impact investing funds in Spain in 2013 (Vivergi Social Impact Fund).


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This fund is oriented exclusively to professional investors. If you need more information, please get in touch with us.

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